New music and next show

Sooo… We’re into November! October was a month off for us after a few successful shows to launch our album “Crushing Time”. We happily got to share the stage with Vai-Able, Cloud Zero, and the Cyberiam. These shows featured a new, 11 minute mini-epic called “Tear it Down” which is one of our most ambitious songs to date. We now have 2 more – “Deception” (vocal) and “Vanishing Point” (instrumental), and it’s looking like these will be ready for our next show. And that next show will be… November 21st at RocHaus in West Dundee, IL. RocHaus is an excellent room, purpose-built for live music. They host many national acts (they launched with Living Colour) and they’re now celebrating their 2 year anniversary. We will once again be sharing the bill with the Cyberiam who have just released a live DVD that you’ll want to get your hands on. Also appearing will be Big Time – the Music of Peter Gabriel which consists of members of Cloud Zero, Zip Tang, Sonus Umbra, and our very own Tom Heslin on bass and backing vocals. Yes, another night of interesting rock! Hope to see you there!


  1. Sounds like things are happening. I look forward to the show at Rochaus!

  2. Looking forward to seeing everyone perform that night.. many class acts and new songs by the band Nomadic Horizon.

  3. Thank you!!1


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